Girl DJ for wedding party! Good stuff only!

I play about 10 hours without any break. I follow the mood of party – I choose diferrent songs for dinner time, for first hours on the dance floor and the latest hours and of course special moments. I always try to keep up with the guest’s need.

I use a microphone, I can also be a host during a wedding party – I do it in a very classic way, without „stupid” jokes – but in an elegant way.. I welcome guests, I invite you to the first dance, I invite you for a cake, etc.

I provide a complete service. I have a sound system, lighting, DJ equipment and of music base. I use active high-power Yamaha DXR15 speakers.

At the special request of the Bride and Groom during the so-called „Oczepiny”, I am resorting to very subtle solutions: 1-2 play – compatibility test etc. (a matter to discuss)

In agreement with the Wedding Couple, I set up a playlist taking into account the needs of them and guests. Few weeks before wedding Couple just send me by mail their wishlist, which is an important compilation of my selection for their party. IMPORTANT – I rather to NOT play so-called disco-polo, I prefer to play good music from every decade.

MORE DETAILS – petryczko(at)


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